We have two goldsmiths and a watchmaker on premises to do jewelry and watch repairs. With over 45 years combined experience, our staff routinely resize rings, repair chains, retip prongs, fix watches and watch bands, clean watches, replace watch batteries, and ...., well you get the idea. Bring whatever you have in jewelry or watches to our store, and we'll make it like new. 

For our Internet customers, Email us with a description of your item and what you need done, and we'll provide a price and delivery time.

Jewelry Care

Your fine jewelry is designed to last a lifetime - with the proper care. That's why we offer a complete range of jewelry repair services, seven days a week. We size rings, solder chains, set stones, refurbish and refinish your heirlooms, inspect, clean, polish, repair and check for loose stones and parts. And when we're through, all your jewelry will look brand new. You'll appreciate our complete full service, while-you-wait service, and always - free jewelry cleaning.

Custom Design

If you are looking for something special, we offer our custom design services. From a sketch or a drawing, a carved wax pattern or an idea we can create jewelry designed just for you. Our talented jewelers have years of experience creating memorable and wearable jewelry. Want your name carved in gold to wear? Want to blend an intricate design together with an unusual stone? Have an idea for a special ring? Come see us. We are your custom jeweler. Let us reset your center diamond into a beautiful new setting from our collection of tailored style.

Watch Repair

It's also a wise move to have all your timepieces checked regularly. That's because tiny dust particles can get into their works, slowing down, even stopping them completely. Our watch experts can service a wide selection of timepieces. We have all watch batteries in stock. We replace broken crystals, repair broken clasps, replace safety chains. We have a huge selection of replacement watch bands in metal, leather and even divers bands and we can adjust the band on your new watch. Goopy Singh is our expert watchmaker with over 30 years experience.

Old gold?....New Ring!

Just like people, gems look and feel better when pampered. Which is what we do best. Our simple yet thorough and professional cleaning regimen adds new sparkle to even old jewels. But, if there is an old ring sitting in the bottom of your jewelry box just collecting dust, we can remelt your old gold and make you a brand new ring.

Pearl Restringing

True pearl lovers actually prolong the life of their pearls by simply having them restrung once a year. And, because we're fully aware that the more you wear pearls the more susceptible their cords become to breakage, we offer professional, reliable restringing.